Our ivf Brisbane clinic provides both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for the treatment of infertility, dealing with both female and male fertility issues.

We specialise in assisting natural cycle pregnancy and IVF acupuncture protocols.

For IVF Assisted Pregnancy, we use a 5 Stage Program:

  1. Body Optimisation Stage – This stage is to prepare your body for an IVF cycle. The aim is to optimise your body and resolve health issues that may decrease your chances of a successful IVF cycle, pregnancy. Male infertility issues are also resolved during this stage.
  2. Pre-Pick Up Stage – To increase egg quality and quantity and commence preparation of the uterine lining for successful embryo transplant.
  3. Pre-Transfer Stage – Intensive treatment to optimise your body for embryo transfer, this stage commences 2 days prior to transfer and in most cases a treatment 1 hr prior to transfer is also recommended.
  4. Post-Transfer Stage – This stage commences 1 hr after transfer with follow up treatments to week 8 is recommended. This stage is very important for minimising risks of miscarriage. As your pregnancy progresses through time your body resources become more and more utilised for growth and development, therefore its imperative to maintain your health and vitality so that your baby has the best possible start. .
  5. Pregnancy Monitoring And Support – By this stage you will be at ease with your pregnancy. Treatment during this stage is focused on maintaining your pregnancy for achieving the best possible development of your baby, and maintaining vitality reserves for delivery.

‘the only body feeling we want you to have during your pregnancy is the feeling of getting wider around your belly, and the only emotional response to your pregnancy, is the joy of been pregnant’.

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